During pandemic period, people spend their time 24/7 at home. So, the new normal home must be able to meet the changing lifestyles as well. This condominium is designed to have a flexible living space that can support a variety of living activities by increasing the typical unit size. Besides, there is a balcony in every units opening to the good view that can be used as a relaxation space and a private plantation space.

Green spaces are inserted into the project in a variety of ways, such as an outdoor space of restaurants, a façade of parking building, or a garden in common area. Anyway, all of these green spaces can be converted into urban farming spaces.

The condominium units are split into 2 towers to reduce the residential density. The buildings are oriented along the North-South axis, allowing the long sides of the building to receive the most natural ventilation. The buildings are placed overlapping each other to help open the view to the northeast side that has the best view from the Chao Phraya River, and the southwest west that has a view from the city. In addition, this orientation of buildings also prevents the short sides of the building from overlapping, allowing natural light into the corridor during the daytime.   

Every units in this condominium has a private balcony that is designed to tilt away from the structural grid to the northeast and southwest direction, opening to the side with good views from Chao Phraya River. Also, there is a large planter in every unit that for planting or urban farming. Differences of balcony directions and planter positions create the pattern of units arrangement of both towers. Units of each type are grouped into modules.

The balcony space overlaps one another. So, the planter space has a double volume space with no floor on the top. This creates the good planting space where light can fully shine down. While the other part of the balcony is blocked from the upper floor, creates the space where residents can use as an outdoor space for relaxation.

This condominium is located on Rama 3 Road, which is the main road. Therefore, the space and the main entrance of the condominium are designed to retreat to the back of the site, and let the west side be the public commercial programs, including shops, restaurants, and farmer market where can be accessed easily. On the north side, the space doesn’t get too much sunlight, and there is a canal with the possibility of developing it into a canalside area. Therefore, it is designed to be outdoor farm-to-table dinning space and a green space for relaxation.

Condominium program starts on the 11th floor, which is the common facilities floor that connects 2 buildings together. The facilities include garden lounge, co-working space, games room, kids room, library, and meeting rooms. On the 28th-29th floor, there are swimming pool, gyms, saunas, locker rooms, and private exercise studios in each building.

There are 400 condominium units in 4 types, based on the modular design; 1 Bedroom type (50 sq.m.), 2 Bedroom type (100 sq.m.), 3 Bedroom type (150 sq.m.), and Penthouse type (300 sq.m.).