THAIFIGHT Hotel ,Samui is designed by interpretation history and cultures of Muay Kard Chuek especially Muay Chaiya ,a southern antique boxing, into physical aesthetics.

Presented through 5 sequence of storytelling’s leading the people to experience all the space and the activity which THAIFIGHT Hotel ,Samui provides.

Lessen 1 : The THAIFIGHT village (หมู่บ้านไทยไฟท์)

The concept of Facade design aim to clarify the personality’s of brand ,Local and Traditional, with the local architecture styles of southern’s Thailand “Row house (เรือนแถว)” merging with raw and outdoor material selection, which is interpreted from mood of Muay Kard Chuek competitions.

Exterior perspective of THAIFIGHT Hotel ,Samui.
Entrance Hall

The rope stretching(การคาดเชือก) details used in every feature of design to bold The Muay Kard Chuek concepts clearly.

Lessen 2 : The initiation(มอบตัวเป็นศิษย์)

Lobby ,Lounge and THAIFIGHT cafe’

The traditional Muay Thai initiation that Muay Thai master will give the headband called “Mong-Khol(มงคล)” as disciple acceptance, make an interpretation into the overhead sculptures for emphasize THAIFIGHT cafe’ area.

Reception area

Lessen 3 : The Chaiya training (นั่งครก)

The large-scale of timber material which is inspired by one of the significant training lesson of Muay Chaiya “Nang Krok(นั่งครก)”, a self-defending training on stump or wooden mortar ,Is used in every guest room type to physicalize this brand identity, strong and masculine, and create mood of quiescence in space. 

Tower type :Rugular Fit 35 sq.m.

In every room provide a fitness mirror and inroom-training area that is a core idea of sport hotel to maintain a user daily exercise routine.

Tower type :THAIFIGHT suite 70 sq.m. ,Bathroom
Villa type :THAIFIGHT pool villa (beachfront) 180 sq.m. ,Bedroom
Villa type :Regular pool villa 65 sq.m. ,Exterior
Villa type :THAIFIGHT pool villa (beachfront) 180 sq.m. ,Exterior

Lessen 4 : Knowledge(สะสมวิชา)

9 rooms pavilion (ศาลาเก้าห้อง), the first sightseeing Thai’s boxing pavilion in Chaiya district, which is a timber structure pavilion inspired into architecture concept of all day dining and Arsom for create a local experience to all guest.

9Hong All day dining
Arsom ,Body painting “Yan Thai” area

The last lessen : First step to fight !(ก้าวแรกสู่สังเวียน)

Exterior perspective ,the iconic inside views
THAIFIGHT boxing club entrance

The outstanding activities to experience only at THAIFIGHT hotel brand is the full facilities boxing gym that contain completely boxing experiences and mimetic a vibe of THAIFIGHT’s boxing competition into this boxing club.

THAIFIGHT boxing club training area
KLAI sport massage spa

And the last one is a massage spa specifically for sport massage, which is typically used before or after athletic events. The purpose of the massage is to prepare or healing the body to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries.

The concept of this space is “Unleash the rope” or KLAI(คลาย) by used a loose rope to cladding interior space with a curvature to create clam and harmony moods.