Space Inspirium 

Science museum : Space technology & Geo-information technology

Space inspirium is a place that gathers knowledge about space, space technology, and Geo-information. To make new generation who have a difference way of learning fully understand the concept of the universe, Space inpirium provide more than just facts.

The museum uses science process skills which consists of skills of observing, Inferring, Measuring, Communicating, Classifying, Predicting, and understanding sense of space and time as a main concept and integrate them with the activities and exhibition inside the museum. Express the concept of cosmos through the Hight volume space with no Conner express the unlimited of the cosmos. Using ramp to reach different high so that visitors get a different angle of the exhibition. This will change the visitor’s perspective and inspire them for more possibility. The museum also creates a possible option for visitors to choose path inside the museum which make them curious and comeback for a different path.

Main entrance of the museum
Main entrance of the museum

The main entrance is  the first impression for visitorsTransition space is created so that the visitors can get a clue of exhibitions inside. By providing space for activities that involve around the knowledge of space technology. When inside the museum visitors that come with a large group of people with gather and device into smaller group in a recaption area.

Reception hall :   Ticket buying and gathering space.

The museum consists of 6 zones which is Zone 1 The beginning, Zone 2 observing the sky, Zone 3 into the sky, Zone 4 sky inspired by you, Zone 5 understanding earth, Zone 6 way back home


Content : The beginning of cosmos and life on earth.

This zone is an introduction of the sky. Visitors will see a platform floating in the space. They will learn about the galaxy through the 3d movies which projected on surface of the wall and stars.


Content : Advance use of technology to explore the sky such as telescopes rockets and satellites.

Zone 2 : Telescope

Rocket and telescope is placed. Visitors can choose their own path by using the lamp or walking underneath it

Zone 2 : History 0f Rocket and Seattleites


Contents : First astronaut and space suit, Astronaut preparation, NASA space camp, Mars walk

Zone 3 : Do you want to be an astronauts?

When visited Zone 3, Visitors will learn about history of astronauts and get to see a space suit which will inspire them. Then, They can choose their own path, Either to visit NASA space camp or Astronaut preparation. This way they  can create their own way of learning.

Astronaut preparation
NASA space camp

After that, Visitors that go separate way will meet again at the international space station to observe activities inside the station before entering outer space zone.

Zone 3 : International space station

In outer space zone, Visitors will get to learn about life, how to survive, and material that durable in space. They also get to simulate walking on Mars through Mars walk machine.

zone 3 : Mars walk


Content : Create your own galaxy

This zone visitors can create and project their versions of the universe through project0r that the works on hanging fabric.

Zone 4 : Sky inspire by you

Zone 4 : Sky inspire by you


Content : the use of Geo-information technology to understand more about the earth.

Zone 5 : Geographic Information System
Zone 5 RS : Remote Sensing
Zone 5 GNSS : Global Navigation Satellite System


Visitors will see the possibility of using Geo-information technology  through interactive wall to understand the important of Geo-information technology everyday life before exit the museum.

Zone 6 : The possibility of using Geo-information technology in everyday life.

Plan 1 – Reception hall, Coffee shop, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 5, Zone 6, Back office, Service area
Plan 2 – Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, WC, Service area