Winery Area

Fermentation Room – Wine tour’s starting point where wine fermentation tanks are exhibited. The shadow of the project’s logo “S” reflects Silverlake’s motto, “Good things in life start with S.”

Grape Crushing & Pressing Area – This area is used only once a year for grape preparation. Hence, while the machines are not in use they can be exhibited like a piece of art. Visitors can look closely at winemaking machines and process while workers can work uninterrupted.

Wine Workshop – Area for wine tasting/winemaking workshops and other activities. The design creates connection between inside and outside, making the room more open to the surrounding nature.


One of the most important things about winemaking is the aging process. Waiting for the wines to be ready to serve, there are 2 kinds of aging rooms in this project, including stainless tank aging room and barrel aging room. The rooms are in the most active area of the winery where the laboratory, bottling room, storage, and shipping area are in.

Stainless Tank Aging – Wine aging room with stainless wine tanks. This area is used actively for taste experiments, wine transportation, and tank maintenance. The simple use of wood texture and lighting draws attention to the stainless wine tanks in the center of the room. This area has to be cleaned daily, so the circulation helps the visitors walk around comfortably without interrupting the workers.

Barrel Aging – This barrel aging room turns into an exhibition space that can display videos of Silverlake’s winemaking process. The visitors can slowly walk through the room and bask in the atmosphere just like the feeling of slowly sipping wine. This area has the most intense wine atmosphere in the project with the strongest smell of oak barrels and the coldest temperature, aging the wines at 18°C.

Tasting Room – The highlight part of the wine tour, completing the grape-to-glass experience by tasting winery produced wines. From this room the visitors can see the full view of the surrounding landscape, the lake, the vineyards and the gardens. At night, the room will turn into a wine bar for resort guests.

Tasting Room & Winemaking Process connection – Aside from the beautiful landscape, the tasting room is also connected to the wine production area. Therefore, the visitors can see the winemaking process while tasting the produced wines.

Wineshop – Stainless tubes from inside the winery become a concept for Silverlake’s wineshop. The surrounding wine bottles create the experience of entering the world of wine.


Resort Area

The resort area consists of 2 types of rooms, including Silverlake lover’s type and Silverlake suite.

Silverlake Lover’s Type – This room type is situated beside the swimming pool. The materials of the room create a cozy feeling like staying inside a wine barrel.

Silverlake Suite – This room type has impressive lake view and is faced to the hills. The room has an additional bar, pantry, and living space perfect for families and lovers.


Like the meaning of the project’s name, Silverlake, the design enhances the beauty of the site surroundings, the taste of wines, and the bond between people, in hopes that the project can give the best experiences to all of its users, including the customers and the workers.