The idea of layout design is to create a learning area in the various natural surrounding pond area which the main purpose is to use for 2 parts: to create a peaceful atmosphere in the learning area about ethics (Heart) and to create activities for students such as walking around the pond of kindergarten students or learning to rowboats for primary school students. Then create the open spaces that students in each grade must use together, such as vegetable plots – rice fields. Moreover, to give the overall appearance of the negative space is not too crowded we add the central court in each building group as an activity area. Finally, connect all functional areas with covered walkways throughout the project.

The main idea of ​​the project developed is from the learning tools of students, consisting of 3 parts which are academic (Head), learning by doing (Hand), and cultivating ethics (Heart). Each grade level will give different weights in each section that will be used as a guideline for the design of the learning area within the building group of each next level as follows:

Kindergarten students Activities will focus on learning in routines, eat-live, learn from play to develop children’s small muscles. The design of the kindergarten building focuses on creating an outdoor play area. and activity area for small groups between classrooms

Primary school students will begin to develop the thought process and communication skills and know-how to work together in larger groups. The primary school building will increase the area in front of the classroom for each student to work together or exhibit their work.

High school students will have more individualized learning. Students can choose what interests them. Most of their work is project-based learning, working together as a group. Therefore, the high school focuses on creating common areas that students can choose to use freely.

In addition, The identity of the project was created by bringing the weaving pattern of the northeastern region to use as a roof pattern to cover various activity areas and represent a picture of the building. The materials used in the project are wood or wood-like material for a natural atmosphere, giving warmth like home and local material like clay bricks from Dan Kwian in the activity area.