Entrace Hall / Lobby

The first impression of the aquarium, a skyligh with circle shape letting the light in create an atmosphere of being underwater.

Entrace Hall / Lobby

Waiting Area & Cafe

Open Sea

Letting the audience embrace the sea by this transition space before going to next zone.


Touch Pool

Semi-outdoor touchpool letting audiences experience the sense of seeing, touching, hearing and smelling of the sea simultaneously.

Coral Reef 1

Coral Reef 2

Double space fish tank, the audiences can see each type of fish by sea level.

Top of the World

Dangerous Species


Coral Observation

A checkpoint for exchange a souvenir from answering some question about sealife’s egg.

Coral Observation

Double space fish tank that continues from Coral Reef 2.

Aquatic Habitat

An underground area simulates the ecosystem of marine lifes.

Sea Turtle

Extinct Species

The fossilize marine lifes simulate the world when most of marine lifes went extinct by human.

Animated Sandbox & Coastal Rocovery

Animated sandbox (ที่ไม่ได้แปลว่าปราสาททราย) simulates the area where marine life resides by combine technology with activity. The Coastal Rocovery zone shows how artificial reef formed. 

Our Sea

Tube Tank

Walking Path

Entrance Exterior