“lullamoon” is combination of “lullaby” and “moon” which reflect its meaning of the natural lullaby. Moreover “la-moon” also means tenderness and kindness in Thai which can perfectly reflect our sensitive user that are pregnant women and babies.

This project intends to be a supporter for mom and dad to recreate their body and mind during their stay. It will react as a large-scale kid’s club that has nature as a tool for kids to learn and experience easily and safely by themselves. The other supportive functions will also be conveniently allocated throughout the project not only for kids such as nursing room, changing room, kid’s supply shop, play room, infant daycare, kid’s dining room, first aid room, kid’s toilet but also for couples as well such as couple spa and massage, seafood bbq buffet and bar.

The primary concept of this project is creating “Baby Friendly Resort” to promote the idea of parents traveling with their baby. Supporting family time and Creating the soft and safe touch to sensitive user are the 2 main interpretations derived from the primary concept. In terms of supporting family time, sharing area shall be designed throughout to be able to serve each family members. Creating the flow space by reducing the internal partitions is also the strategy to provide a visual connection. Soft and Safe touch to sensitive user was reflected by the custom design elements of material, form, color and lighting. On the other hand, those design elements would also be well interacted with “la-moon”, tenderness and kindness of “lullamoon”, the resort brand. Furthermore, both of interpretations shall be harmoniously integrated with the existing natural landscape context as well.


Upon entering the area within the project, guests will find the reception as the first part, which is an adjustment from the original villa group of 6 fragmented buildings surrounded by a blocked wall. The design has been improved to connect the spaces for more efficient use and fit the idea of spending time together in the family.

This section contains family support areas such as nursing room for feeding and changing diapers, infant daycare, kids supply shop, kid’s room (family play room), first aid, and a front office separate from the office building for the convenience of lobby services. The redesign of these 6 villas will bring the common areas mentioned above as the “welcome area” of the project.


It is the use of the empty building area in front of the entrance that is currently abandoned as a 1-storey building, 2 units (formerly an executive room), designed as a usage area for the spa and 2-storey buildings, 2 units (formerly a dormitory for employees) designed as an office building by connecting the building areas for greater convenience of service.


The large building in the middle of the project is All-Day Dining & Bar, an improvement of the interior usable areas of the former reception (reception and restaurant) by moving the dining area from the open area to replace the original reception area and use this space for bars in the evenings. There is also an extension of a walkway from the villa side to guide and bring the eyes directly to the bar.

The all-day dining section consists of an indoor dining area, an outdoor dining area in case the parent wants to change seats while their baby cries, with nature designed to attract young children, a flower box and pond, and a “Kids Dinging Room”, designed as a sunken seating for parents to have meals with their children playing in this room. The purpose of this room is for parents to have time for their own meals while taking care of the little ones together. The area is adjacent to the outdoor dining area and an open walkway in the back, leading to a small palm plantation, as an alternative for parents to isolate and walk their children in the event of a child crying with a swing chairs to help lullaby even more.The bar, an open-plan building area, is designed to emphasize the openness of the surrounding context, allowing for the freedom of the space with floating columns and the use of circular seating furniture, facing outwards at different angles for privacy. In addition, the bar was also divided into two counters to accommodate guests both ways, with a circular design as well to create a continuity of space, and the center of the building, between counters, was designed as a display and preparation area for beverages.

In the design, a walkway was added from the villa side to guide and direct the eye to the pavilion bar, the open-air pavilion overlooking the surrounding scenery, giving the design of the walkway a sunken character that is not hides the scenery and ensures child safety and allows children to be close to nature, able to touch the water, without any discomfort and concern for parents.


The project consists of 47 keys of 5 types pool villa; one-bedroom pool villa, one-bedroom connecting pool villa, two-bedroom connecting pool villa, duplex connecting pool villa and sea view connecting pool villa, target to serve various family scales. All of the specific equipment supporting family with babies have been allocated in each room such as extra size bed space with falling protection area and baby bed space, baby bathtub, bottle sterilizer, rocking chair with nursing pillow and especially the custom curvy edge furniture. In addition, “Organic flooring” the special vinyl floor finishing is selected to be applied all through the area with its potential of soft touching causing no danger for falling, warm touching, water resistant, anti-slippery, non-PVC as material base that considered toxic to body. This cause babies to be able to move; walk and run, play and crawl, safely throughout the space.


The interior is designed to have an open space connected to all nature and uses indirect light, applied to the ceiling, to create ambient lighting. Inside, there is an extra-large bed for pregnant woman or a family to sleep together with the base of bed designed as another layer of protection. In this section, if an extra baby cot is not used, it can also be used as a seating area. At the end of the bed is a breastfeeding sofa that overlooks the pool and private garden within the villa. In addition, the room also has a rocking chair for breastfeeding in convenience and more suitable for usage habits, next to the pantry for milk preparation and diaper changing, at the back of the bed headboard next to the bathroom that opens the view to the outside, separates the bathtub in the outdoor area to experience more nature, and in this area prepares the baby bathtub to create a fun moment while bathing.


From separating service way and main thoroughfare of the project, making the design adjust the entrance to the front of pool side and design a green area as a pocket space between the two units and reduce the opacity of the wall by using wooden slats to make it visible for garden. This room type used to provide the same service as room type 01, but with more surrounding space, it was designed to expand the building and add living space to create different types of rooms and suit various needs, the living area is visible to connect to the outdoor lawn area and Spa Villa, massage area with outdoor bathtub.

The interior space when adding the living area, makes the room more spacious, combined with the safety floor materials “organic flooring”, light-colored rubber wood tiles, and furniture that reduce the corners and have a built-in weight, allowing children to run, play and crawl safely around the area. When opening a connecting unit room, continuity is achieved both in terms of accessibility and visibility, making it more suitable for families.


The specialty of this room type is that it has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 1 unit, offering even more home-style comfort with a living room and dining area adjacent to the front of the villa offering a natural view and pool view continuously, allowing the front of the villa fully open to the natural scenery.

The living room and dining area add a playful touch to the space by adding “nook area” connected to a small bedroom, that can be opened or closed, to make the child even more fun. The small bedroom is two single beds, designed to have a garden as a pocket space, creating a view inside the room and able to open up the outside view as well.DUPLEX POOL VILLA

This type is a connecting unit in half building with a new design by adding a new core building combined with the existing main core that is a staircase to optimize the use of the interior space and to open up natural views throughout the area for more serenity. As a result, the image of the building has been changed, with the second floor being able to see the expansion of the area by using curved lines with the balcony in the same shape. At the end of the building, the first and second floors are designed to connect with a garden, which is a newly built interior pocket space, making the space in the ground floor open to connect with nature both axially.

The vertical opening was designed to connect to the upper bedroom section, using a wave-curved wall element to guide the eye up. On the second floor, the room is designed to have a view of the sea and the swimming pool activities on the ground floor directly from the mattress and the other on the outside balcony. At the end of the bedroom is designed as a closet room for make-up and can be used as baby bath and changing diapers area as well, and use sky light at this area to reduce the opacity of mass.


This type originally had the same characteristics as the room type 01, but with the best location and view potential in the project, it was designed to be different by adding a terrace area in front of the pool for BBQ activities, in the form of a sunken court does not obscure the view of the room. This BBQ service is a service package combined with a room to add extra touch to guests. There is also an additional walkway and entrance in front of the villa to connect the exit on the beach road next to the sea.