As early as 1901, Khlongsuan Market Community was established in Chachoengsao and Samut Prakan, Thailand, divided by the Prawet Burirom canal and Phraya Nakarach canal. The uniqueness of the location itself made Khlongsuan Market and rice mill become nodes for travelling merchants and locals through a network of waterways before reaching Bangkok.

When time goes by, roads come in, local livelihoods change. The importance of the market and steam-powered rice mill had faded and had been replaced by new technology. From the values of the place and the interest of cultural landscape became the purpose of this project, to conserve the place for learning and to develop sustainable places, to prolong the community identity.

In 117 rais (187,200 sq.m.) project contains numerous buildings and landscape elements that can be separated into three parts. Firstly, Market Community Zone, located in an architectural conservation area, focusing on preservation and cultural tourism.

Project Entrance

Market Entrance (Land)

Market Entrance (Water)


Secondly, the Rice Learning Center Zone, brings ‘Na Kha Wung’ and the rice milling process back for tourists and the local new generation to learn in an abandoned rice mill structure. Na Kha Wung is the authentic community type of rice field. The special element in Na Kha Wung is the ditch around the rice field which can provide products for the community in every season.

Learning Center (Na Kha Wung)

Learning Center (Yoong)


Adapt abandoned rice mill warehouse and lawn into activity and learning space. Conserve local wisdom that grows together with Khlongsuan community.

Rice Park

Rice Mill Park


Thirdly, Sustainable Livelihood Zone, solves environmental, economic, and social problems by creating sustainable green public space for the community. Develop sustainable tourism by creating space with a one-stop service economic, indigenous environment and strong community.

Local Square

Create a gathering space for exchange wisdom between tourists and locals, along with environmental concerns. In the planting concept, using dry evergreen and salt-tolerant plants, to preserving landscape characteristics.

Market Ditch Park

Create Sports Park and Activities Square, not only supporting community purposes, by creating parks and running trails for future activities, but also providing detention and retention space for water management.

Sports Park and Activities Square

In the end, from the intention to conserve and develop Khlongsuan Market Community will give the alternative livelihood for locals, renew the cultural tourism for the province and create an authentic cultural learning center for Thais.