The uses of coconut-based material in each space

The project is developed under the concept of “Serene Voyage” which focuses on creating a sense of serenity and privacy to enhance user’s experience when they attend the activities in the resort by the connection with nature that would help with holistic balance.
Koh Samui was the island that had the largest number of coconut in Thailand moreover, coconut used to be an industrial drop of Koh Samui in the past. The story of Samui’s coconut will be present to the guests by the workshop which is making products from coconut to represent the idea of “Voyage” as an enjoying Samui’s identity while traveling. Besides, the design also blends the uses of coconut-based material within interior space to create a unique atmosphere and a sense of craftsmanship.

Lobby Entrance

Waiting Area in Lobby

The partitions in the lobby are made from textiles dyeing with natural dye from coconut husk. The textiles create a sense of craftsmanship and give privacy to the users. The textiles are divided so they waver when the natural wind blows through the space giving a relaxing atmosphere for the guests.

Herbal Lounge

Cooking Class

Attending the cooking class, the guests will learn about healthy recipes and take the knowledge to nourish their health at home. This is a place where they can interact with others and the lecturer.

All Day Dining Restaurant

Specialty Restaurant Entrance

The specialty restaurant, Long Kieng Lay, is adjacent to the beach. The idea of the restaurant is to tell the mysterious sense of southern Thai cuisine as the secret cuisine waiting for the voyager to discover. When the customers enter the restaurant they will be impressed by the view of the pond connecting to the sea. It is framed by the walls to highlight the axis of the pond. The walls are made from coconut shells which are cut into semicircle combining with aluminum. They are roped by the wire rope so the wind can pass through space and create an effect of moving wall by the wind.

Outdoor Dining Area (Specialty Restaurant)

Indoor Dining Area (Specialty Restaurant)

Specialty Restaurant Elevation

Wellness Building Entrance

The intention of designing wellness area is to set to mood for the users to be calm and relax by the gradation of connecting to nature and material selection. The entrance area is a pathway flanked with the ponds. The water flows down through the coconut shells which are cut and chained together so the guests can hear the sound of water dripping down to the ponds and calm their emotions.

Waiting Area of Wellness Building

The waiting area, connected to the courtyard, is inspired by the relaxation under the coconut trees. The columns are designed to imitate the coconut trunks moreover, they are the structure of the furniture and give ambient light to space.

Treatment Room

The treatment room gives the feeling of lightness and freedom more than the lower floor by the materials and the glass walls connecting to the landscape directly.

Suite Type (Living Area)

Suite Type (Bedroom)

The light color materials are selected for the guestroom interior to give the feeling of relaxation. The guests can use the terrace for wellness activities such as private morning yoga while enjoying the sea view and nature.

Villa Type (Bedroom)

Villa Type (Bedroom & Terrace)

Presidential Villa Type (Living Area)

Presidential Villa Type (Master Bedroom)

Presidential Villa Type (Bedroom)