Inner Districts Bangkok Analysis

In-site & Surrounding Analysis

Design Framework Development

Masterplan System & Strategies


Old Hua Lamphong Station area Which in the future will be fransformed into a Museum. The landscape is arranged in accordance with the buildings and related to the train. The proportion of the rail and the train to be used in the work There are event spaces, commmunity gathering spaces and connecled to public transportation


The park area has a slope built from soil treatment. Create areas that perform different functions Including the construction of shielding the sound pollution from the train Both inside and outside the project . Community bridge connect from the community on the other side and in the waterfront, also a constructed wetland water treatment in the canals as a pilot project


It’s a place where people in the community can rent shophouse’s room in the area to earn money. Including small businesses Which has an area where people can gather small events and provide community space as well. also community areas can be converted into water retardant areas.


Community mall, office space and research, with greenhouse spaces and learning centers for urban farms to enable communities benefit from the area and generate income. In the office section, there is an area for edible plants and exercise areas that can be used by people inside the condominium as well

The goal of this thesis is aimed at improving the city planning for the 121 Rai area within the Bangkok Station in order to maximize its historic and commercial values in resonance with the city’s context, along with raising the quality of life for commuters and nearby locals. This can be achieved by overhauling existing buildings and neglected areas into educational centers, public parks, and other multi-purpose commercial districts. Additionally, redesigns for a new skytrain station and Phadung Krung Kasem port are required to provide a seamless experience for general commuters while retaining unique architectural identities and charms of the antiquity within the existing structure.