One of the main problems of elders is mental health that leads elders to feel alone, useless, does not want to live, and lastly suicide. The five main mental health symptoms that mostly happen in elders are anxiety, depression, paranoia, insomnia, and Alzheimer’s. So, this project aims to adapt the psychology of spaces and activities to reduce or slow down those symptoms as much as we can.

This project is situated in Pakkret, Nonthaburi, next to Koh Kret by Chao Phraya River. This will lead to easier access for both the elders’ descendants to visit and the elders themselves to still can hang-out and have a city life. The site is allocated in the orange land-used area, so the project has a limitation for residential building should not exceed 10,000 square meters per building. This site will also be divided into 2 phases: the housing for the elderly (Number 1) and the area waiting for future land development (Number 2).

The elders in this program will be classified into 2 types: Permanent Residences and Temporary Residences. The Permanent Residences will be chosen the leasehold term above (Short term and Long term) while the Temporary Residences will be the daycare.

The site can be accessed by two main routes: Chaiyapruek Road (by cars) and Chao Phraya River (by boats). So there will be an eye-sight linkage line between the private pier, the canteen and the drop-off area which will make the elders see the whole projects, know what is happened in other parts, and want to move around this long site.

The project will be divided into 8 main zones which the 4th and 5th zone will be the main facilities of this project. These facilities zones will be distributed to all of the residential zones due to easier accessibility for all the elders. On the other hand, this facility-zone distribution will help to make the co-living space environment which will make elders interact with each other and do not feel alone.

After that, I tried to rearrange the residential parts due to the maximum regulations, the feasibility of the project, and possible room type due to the market position. Since the longitudinal side of this site facing to the east and the west, the building will be tilted to avoiding the sunlight. This tilting building will also help each unit has their own views and each building would not block the wind from each other.

These will separate the site into three main courts. The first court and the third court (yellow) will be active courts due to the easier accessibility. The active court will be the place for active activities requiring engagement between the elders such as Petanque court, picnic area, running track, and activity rehabilitation rooms. The second court (red) will be a passive court due to the harder accessibility. The passive court will be the place for passive activities that can be done by the elders themselves such as spa, hydrotherapy pool, and library. The third court will be more special due to the accessibility of the river which will have a tourist from Koh Kret coming to the site in this area. So, the third court will be adding the workshop area for the elders to exchange their knowledge with the younger generations which will make them feel important again.

The project has three room types with a total number of 350 units. The first type is the one-bedroom type which is for the elder who still can take care of themselves and very active. The second type is the one-bedroom plus type. This type adds the flexible area that might be the place for the caregiver or their children to visit, or it can be adapted to support elders’ hobbies. The last one is a two-bedroom type. This type is the type for siblings or close friends who still want to live with each other.

The one-bedroom type will be allocated in the first court, the one-bedroom plus type will be allocated in the second court, and the two-bedroom type will be allocated in the third court. This arrangement is arranged due to the higher price the elder paid, the closer to the river they will get.





The main drop-off area shows the usage of Koh Kret ancient roof style.
The first court shows its building-identity walls and plants.
Active activities
The first court running track
Residential building’s drop-off
Path between building
The second court (Passive court)
Swimming pool in Passive court
View from canteen
View from the private pier
The third court (Active court)
Workshop area by the riverside (the third court)
Riverside clubhouse swimming pool
1-bedroom type
1-bedroom plus type (living area)
1-bedroom plus type (resting area)
2-bedroom type