Program Analysis

The process of drug treament will be divided into 3 stages. Detox, Rehab, and Extended program, which we allow the patients to stay in preperation for a return to normal society.
All the patients stay in the facilities throughout all the process, and they will have a timetable to follow everyday.

Site Analysis

Luxury rehab centres in Thailand are located in tourist hotspots, in order to help the patients feel as though they are going on holiday and not suffering the negative feeling of hospitalisation.
Selected Chiangmai because of its international reputation as a respected medical centres, nature, climate, and serenity.


This facilities will be a transition space from a drug addict to a fully functioning member of the society.
The facilities will be divided into parts in accordance with the 3 stage process.

Patients will enter the system through the detox area, so that medical emergency resources will have easy access if needed.
After detox the patients will transition to Rehab and in an effort to encourage and reward hard work and success, the final stage is Extended, which is designed to be at the furthest area and be able to take the best view.

The concept will be reflected in the architecture.
Therefor, the detox area will enhance privacy. The building will be an enclosed structure. The rehab area will maintain an element of control, but appear more socially open.
Each area will increase personal space so that by the time the patient reaches extended area, it will feel as though they have completed privacy.The site is presently the rice farm situated below the height of the road, there- for it will be necessary to backfield an area up to road level to contain the car park and detox area. The others will be raised above the rice field on columns.

The existing ecology will be maintained by not carrying out any alteration.
The grid of existing walkway in the ricefields will be utilize by staffs to deliver services and maintenance to the buildings without the need of disrupting the existing environment.

To overcome any feelings of imprisonment, the necessary security fencing around the facilities perimetre will be of a low aspect incomparison to the view afforded from within the facilities building.

Detoxification Area

In order to offer a connection with nature and the outdoor, the Detox Area will contain a central garden feature. This will mitigate the design lack of views of the outside world.

Main Circulation & Common Area

Main circulation of this project will as well act as a common area for the patients from all villages. This place will be a gathering and interacting space to improve patients’ social skill.

Rehabilitation Area

The rehab area will be seperated into villages. There will be a collection of 6 villages, male, female, family involved, LGBTQ+, and 2 villages of mixed. Villagers will be spending the majority of their time within their village, how- ever there are common area which will be used for organized inter-village activities.

Each village will consist of 2 seperated areas. One for rehabilitation which will allow for panoramic view of the outside world, while the residence portion will be a two-storey area blocking view from main circulation

Each structure will be sized according with local building regulations. This will results in many small form buildings which have the benefit of increased privacy and decrease environmental impacts on the natural surrounding, along with improving every individuals access to natural surrounding.

Extended Area

The residences in the extended area will be based upon pool villa commonly found in spa holiday resorts. In this area, the buildings layout will be more free flowing and not the regimented straight lines. In addition, there will be a much bigger access to the openwater feature to enhance the feelings of openness and freedom.