The Planning and Development Project for Dairy Farming Learning Center with the objectives to develop into a training center for organic dairy farmers, Improve and expand the factory area to support production volume. As well as, developing a learning center and a dairy farming attraction which lead to activities within the project. This project provide activities of learning about organic dairy farming for farmers who attended the training, tourists, staff and also benefits them in five ways which are developing knowledge on dairy farming, Improving the quality of life of cattle herders and welfare of cattle, expanding and marketing of Thai-Denmark products, showing the value of cow’s milk to Thais and foreigners and the last is being responsible to environmental and public.


The planning is focusing on the experience in visiting the area, the milk transporting and the use of space in relation to the production process. The tourism part, Farmers Training Center and the factory will be at the beginning of the project next to the main road for user access and utilities. In the middle of the area, which is the heart of the project and has an accessible from all parts of the area. The area will provide the main grazing plot area and expands the reservoir area. The end of the project area has a longer access distance and it is suitable for service and cultivation. The next part will explain the details of the project.

The first detail of the project is Red Cow which is welcome area “Baan Wua Dang, Thai-Denmark”. It is an area that gathers tourists who want to visit the Farm Tour or stop by. It is also a tram boarding point and other activities.

Welcome point will be seen as the first point when entering the project with the red cow and a displayed grazing plot in front of the Baan Wua Dang which is the highlight and the main restaurant of the project.

The scenery shows the view of the walkway which is leading to Baan Wua Dang restaurant. The area is surrounded by a picnic area next to the water and a small organic cattle plot.

Baby feeding area has a lot of fun activities to join which are feeding babies animal, feeding sheep and horseback riding. The perspective shows the atmosphere of activities for those who do not want to visit the Farm Tour, they can participate in activities in this area.

Perspective of the view point in the welcome area that will show an overview of the project. People can see Cowboy Village, camping area, grazing land and the Khao Kheow behind the project. Therefore, it is a point that allows tourists who do not visit the farm to see the atmosphere of the farm as well.

The bridge connects the welcome area and the campsite for the guests who camp in the area can easily cross to welcome area.

Secondly, Cow Care is The Farmers Training Center area and Preliminary Dairy Cattle Treatment.

The atmosphere of the Farm Tour tram ride, which will pass through the agricultural demonstration plot to show tourists the the first step of milk production is educating farmers.

Thirdly, Cow Health is the area that plant herbs to treat organic cattle. It’s the section to learn about herbs that have therapeutic properties of organic cattle. Visitors can walk to see each plot by the Cassia tree line, which is a type of herb planted as a shade along the walking path.

Another area of Cow Health is the original bamboo plantation area which is developed to be a point where visitors can learn about bamboo application in farms, equipment, fences, as well as learn other useful local bamboos that can be applied in the farm.

The next area is Cowboy area which is the tourism area and a lot of entertainment under cowboy culture and organic dairy farming.

The main grazing area which is the heart to organic farming. Visitors will be able to see cows grazing grass and the green hill behind the project clearly.

Cowboy Village area where tourists can participate in a variety of Farm Tours activities which are dressing up, watching cowboy shows and riding horses by the village atmosphere.

Fifthly, Cow Milk is the area that taking care of the production process from the cow raising section to the dairy cow to the production process. This area also considering the cost-effective use of resources on the farm by expanding and developing the area. The layout is based on the former factory, production process, management and learning process. Spaces are allocated to suit both staff and visitors. Also, the cleanliness to prevent the spread of infection in humans and animals.

Cow milking demonstration area with a fence separating the viewing area and the milking area at an appropriate distance. This area will provide learning in the milk production process for tourists and farmers.

The perspective of welcome point which is the milk production section with organic vegetable plots. It maintains the using of fertilizer obtained from demonstration milk for consumption in the project.

The last detail of the project is the Happy Cow Camp, the area for those who want to spend the night in a farm and participate in fun activities.

The perspective shows the night activity atmosphere. There are bonfire activities, barbecues, and music performances. Tourists can watch the sunset clearly by the main grazing plot of the cows, In the morning, tourists can also join breakfast at the plaza and watch the sunrise by the water. During the flowering season of the Burma padauk, it will give a different atmosphere.