According to the context surrounding, there are river curves and the opposite is Bang Krachao. Moreover, the adjacent land on both left and right site is available for other future projects, which might be block the condominium view. The shape of the residential building has y-shape form, which affect to each unit view. As the building has three sides, the proportion of the number of rooms that can see the river and bang krachao view to city view is 2:1 by turning the tail of the y-shape to the riverside. If there are future buildings to block the view, the y-shape helps avoid looking at the other land directly.

The master plan has three buildings including parking building, residential building and waterfront pavillion. According to large area site, separating the residential building and parking area make more convenient and more efficient than placed parking area in y-shape plan.  The residential building is located far from the river 45 meters, thus there is no height limitation. The waterfront pavillion can be built in the distance less than 45 meters and uses as a falicity. The remaining space on the ground is designed as a landscape. The user in residential building can take advantage of the green area outside. And the landscape design is to encourage people to go outside with outdoors activity.

In the vertical circulation, the core is in the middle of the building and has divided into Low Zone and High zone including passenger elevators, fireman elevators, fire escapes, electric room and garbage room. In the typical floor plan, y-shape is shared center elevator hall and also has three corridor along the wing of the y-shape. It makes the most efficiency of circulation and salable area. In addition, the residential unit have much privacy. Each wings has no more than four units entrance without any other wings visible. The maximum room per floor is 18 units. Having three wings, each wing has the last room of the corridor.

Because the building height is 229 meters, the main structure is shear wall at the core and the columns are placed along the curve of the y-shape. The span are relevance to the post-tension floor structure system. The balcony and the walls of each unit is pre-cast concrete module to be assembled later, which is convenience for manufacturing and construction, as well as the window and the window shaded.  The unit area starts at 40 sq.m. It is the appropriate area for living. Each unit include entrance hall, bedroom, bathroom, living area, dining area, kitchen with partittion. and also the balcony area which can sit and relax.