Bangkok Arts & Crafts Museum consists of four main areas: exhibition area, education area, studio and artist residence and service area. The new building consists of the above ground part and the underground part. All aboveground areas will be consists of a exhibition area, education area, studio and artist residence, connected together by public spaces and landscape. The underground area consists of service area and parking lot.Semi-outdoor courtyard surrounded by new buildings connect to courtyard in front of the old printing house “Bamrungnukulkit building”.

Entrance from Tanao road, tourists can walk along from Chao Pho Suea Shrine and come in through alleyway between new buildings and old shophouses.

The Bangkok Arts & Crafts Museum is located in the old city, surrounded by communities and Bangkok’s main attractions. In addition, in the project area, there are ancient buildings. Bamrungnukulkit Printing Factory and old tenement buildings that are worthy of conservation. The design considering about the context with the idea that let the project be the center or node of local and external life, along with adding green areas to the city.
From exhibition hall, visitors can look into Boath Brahmin alley where Buddha sculpture are lined up in front of the shophouses.

Natural ventilation exhibition space

Workshop on the 2rd floor Library Entrance from Soi Nawa View from Boath Brahmin alley