Arriving at the welcome boulevard from main road entrance, there is a symbolic water feature and plants showing an implication of a site history. Entrance Assembly Plaza is a main distribution point for facilitating tourists to contact staffs for informations and to lend a bike to tour the whole area.

Paper Factory Learning Center

Due to a long history of paper industry tied to the project area, the Paper Factory Learning Center guides tourists on paper making process. Factory building are conserved and modified in various methods according to new uses. And phytoremediation and rain garden are selected methods for rehabilitation from a former industrial use.

Chao Phraya Recreation

Chao Phraya Recreation is a waterfront space serving social activities along the river. There is an amphitheater and outdoor event space using the roof and columns of the straw warehouse, showing a glimpse of the paper factory in the past.  The landscape in the area are diverse, ranging from riverside areas, fields, sloped amphitheater and detention pond for stormwater management.