Architectural Issues

The increasing demand on sport activity has great impact on urban development. However, these sport developments can still be very problematic as it cannot be utilized efficiently after the competition events were held.

Regional Analysis

The criteria of choosing the host region includes various factors such as the government policy in sport development. It also needs to be destination among tourists, as it can host large numbers of visitors and connected efficiently by transportation network.


The site is situated in Chonburi province in eastern region of Thailand close to the Gulf of Thailand. This certain area is currently having no significant landmarks; therefore, this project can be considered as regional landmark.

Urban Heat Island & Urban Pattern

Southeast Asia region also hold exclusive outdoor experience due to their climates. Therefore, designing a public recreation should consider studying urban heat island, surface temperature and urban patterns which will affects the macro climate.

Tropical Climate Design Option

Elements used for enhancing the human comfort on outdoor zone. Solar shading panels and trees shading for diffusing direct sunlight, water ponds for cooling the temperature and the configuration of vegetation that helps improving natural ventilation.

Site Analysis

Analysis indicates that the site requires public space and additional program to promote the site potentials.  These additional programs also reflect the requirement of the design.

Design Concept

After the competition events are over, what will be the use of the project? Due to the sport development that aims to enhance overall improvement, the project is designed to be flexible for further usage.

Design Process

From site potential to planning: The design process aims to connect the internal transportation network efficiently. The venue also represents regional landmark. By connecting with surrounding urban context, it provides internal public space to the city.

Master Plan

Masterplan representing overall planning, systematics, and concepts of the project.

Commercial Plaza

The area close to the site is to be developed into commercial area. The vegetation in this area includes two levels; the canopy layers for shading and the understory layers that defines human scale. The planting arrangement enhances natural ventilation.

Memorial Plaza

This area located close to the main entrance. The vegetation used in this area are the canopy layer and the seasonal trees for visual recognition. Water elements provides human comfort and enhance visual perception of the space.

Legacy Plan

The project transforms from a “Sport Complex with Park” to “Sport Complex in the Urban Forest” adapting to the surrounding area that has changed over-time into concrete jungle. Still, this project provides the green oasis for the city.

Beneficial Aspects of Design Solution

The represented details show ecological benefit significantly increased by the legacy plan.

Chronological Landscape Sequence

After the events are held, the purpose of the area is changed and is designed to support the daily usage. The landscape change includes the strategy to increase green area ratio on the hardscape area.


Perspectives representing before and after usage of the project under the altered environment for tropical climates.

Project Overview

The bird-eye view perspective showing both internal and external connections of the project through development over time. Also representing the transformed design that can accommodate daily uses and provides public space for the city.