Aquatic Sport Training Club and Hotel is located on Rat Uthit 200 Pee Road, Patong Subdistrict, Kathu District, Phuket Province. It has an area of 22,554 square meters. This project is developed by Wahoo Diving Center. Support activities will be included for the off-season of diving. The main users consist of tourist, water sports coaches and the local community of Phuket people.

The project is 600 meters away from Patong Beach, takes only 7 minutes to walk. This area has the potential to be a public center.

plan_2 the first floor of the project.

An overview of the project details includes: The heart of the project is the sports sector, which will consist of the Sport Center, an area that supports practical teaching, such as a swimming pool for learning to dive, for learning about Paddle Board and Flow Rider or simulated wave. As for Training Center, the area supporting theoretical teaching consists of Lecture Room, Common Space during breaks of study and Sport Support, an area that supports the sports sector. The secondary part of the project is the hotel for tourists and sports coaches. There are a total of 56 rooms, 54 rooms for tourists and 2 rooms for coaches.


Scuba diving and Paddle Board can be played during January-April and August-December which is the high season. The sea is beautiful and bright with no waves.

During May to July or during the low season Can be replaced by surfing sports that require sea waves.

Swimming can be played all year round in the indoor pool. so that the project has activities throughout the year.

There is a common space on 2nd floor for relaxing and there is a part that connects to the Indoor Pool on 1st floor, allowing you to see the pool below.

The Lobby of the Central Hall, looking over, you will see the Local Community, which is a retail glass shop, with skylight above.

An exhibition of water sports and the Sport Library, information about water sports and the sea.
Both on the 3rd floor and 4th floor consist of a total of 56 rooms divided into Standard rooms, 20 rooms per floor, total 40 rooms. 4 Superior rooms per floor, total 8 rooms. 2 deluxe rooms per floor, total 4 rooms. Dormitory type, 2 rooms per floor, total 4 rooms.
Dormitory Room has 16 bedrooms , 3 bathrooms, 3 shower rooms, total 16 people per 1 room. There are 4 rooms, 2 rooms for backpackers who want to stay in a cheap price, and 2 rooms for coaches which a larger common area in the room for meeting. The location of these room type is on the Sport Center, which next to the swimming pool on both sides. There is a balcony in the water sports pool side, for coaches and students in order to see the swimming pool and the sport center