Six Senses are one of the most exotic resorts which have the main aim to make sustainable along with the hospitality. Each of six senses resorts has a distinctive and diverse personality that makes use of the natural land topography. also intended to make guests want for nothing and remember everything. This resort located at Mae Pim cape in Rayong province which not too far from a private island named “Koh Mun Nork” which is an extra facility especially for guests in our resort. To make these six senses a new experience, a new journey, and also a new remarkable.


As you can see from the site analysis, the site’s topography has a steep contour that looks like a mountain with a cliff. so I decided to place every building in the most efficient place by using this unique topography’s pros and cons. also merge it with the concept about the fisherman culture which appears in the structure and the detail.


According to the long shape of the site and the abundance of the existing green space, every building is placed by considering to harmless the existing tree. Public main facilities located at the center down along to the right side by using it to be a buffer to separate public space to other resort and our guest rooms.

This resort has 2 main room types which are building type and villa type. also, villa type can be separated by the area of each unit as 4 types of room. the design of the building using the concept of the organic form merging with the fisherman culture.

This section cutting down along the site to see how the topography works with the building. Other main facilities are mostly placed on the cliff and all of the luxury pool villas will be placed down the cliff due to more private and easy access to the beach.


Water is indeed essential for all life and also the main concept of this resort. According to the physical of the water can be aware by our human 5th senses, so I aimed to connect every part by using water. Not only the physical of the water but also an organic form which will appear the terms of planning that will make the characteristic for this place as a new experience for everyone.