Design for the elderly and healing environment are two main concepts of the Institute of Geriatric Medicine. The hospital treats only the elderly therefore the building is designed in accordance with the physical condition of the elderly with limited mobility and the need for assistive mobility devices. Healing environment elements used in this project are green spaces, earth tones and natural light. These elements create an atmosphere that heals the patients and create a feeling of relaxation and comfort for the user.

The podium is divided into two buildings, a hospital and a car park, and is placed towards the west border of the site from the context analysis, e.g. surrounding, orientation and different user car routes. 

Location of vertical circulation cores is very important to facilitate the service of both the left and right wings of the hospital.

Tower location is based on the location of vertical circulation cores together with the idea of different ward types. Ward is a split corridor type because all rooms are aligned to the sun path. Nurse station in the middle of ward layout is convenient for nurses to observe and access patients easily and quickly.

Green areas in this project have green roof, courts, green areas at the balconies and garden between buildings. Stacking and pulling mass allow both green areas and more natural light to enter the building. All waiting areas of OPD have a green areas and natural light to make patients and user more relax during waiting in long queues.

Façade is battens to reduce heat into the building with different frequencies of battens in the direction of each side of the building. The south and west are frequencies 15 cm apart, while the east and north frequencies are 30 cm apart.

Plan Podium (B – 7th floor)

Waiting areas are larger than usual to provide parking area for wheelchairs and stretchers due to high usage by the elderly. In addition, waiting areas are divided into several places according to the process of hospital service and to reduce congestion.

Waiting area OPD

Plan Tower (8th – 20th floor)

Earth tone colors are used in all inpatient rooms. All inpatient rooms and some special treatment rooms have natural light and green spaces to help patients recover better. Moreover, the cantilever green area also reduces heat entering the room as well. Ward has four types of rooms: one-bed, two-bed, four-bed, and negative-pressure room.



ICU room