Healing environment is the main idea of the design to create architectural space as a part of healing space for patients. This idea consists of natural light, earth tone material and color, background noise, natural ventilation and landscape design. These elements can improve the atmosphere making patients feel more comfortable.

The podium of the building is arranged to create a large negative space in the landscape area, blocking pollution from outside. The building is placed parallel to the front of the site to prevent interference and pollution from outside and the high-density community to the North. The tower of the building is designed according to solar orientation for the control of natural light entering the building. Moreover, natural ventilation is provided in the IPD section. This also reduce the chance of infection in the patient’s area.

Landscape area is focused on the warm atmosphere. By creating a large green area as the main focus for several users where patients and guests from OPD zone and Waiting zone on the ground floor can directly connect to the green area. On the upper floor in the podium section is overlooking the garden as well.

The ward is designed with earth tone color to comfort and relax patients. In addition, double skin façade is positioned to screen excessive natural light and reduce the heat from the outside of the patient’s bed.